In Canada, Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are defined differently than in the United States. TheraPetic is based both in the Canada and the United States, so we ensure our Canadian clients receive the best support and documents for travel and housing with an service or support animal.

In general, an psychiatric service dog or an emotional support animal (ESA) is defined as any animal that brings comfort and support to an individual with a psychological, mental or emotional disability. These disabilities can range from social phobias, to depression, to anxiety, and to PTSD. While an assistance animal (classified as a service animal or emotional support animal) does not require any special training or any specific species, as long as it alleviates stress and provides support and comfort to the disabled person. 

TheraPetic complies with the Canada Health Act, which is the federal legislation that provides the foundation for the Canadian health care system. Our cyberhealth services provide the best service and exceed standards for our clients. Check out more information by visiting our Canadian Residents Information Section!